A Day In Florence


It’s been more than a week and I am still head over heels with the Italy. I couldn’t visit the country of divine architecture without making a stop in Florence. So I packed my suitcases and moved to the city which Galileo described as “Constantly bathed in the colors of dawn”.

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Le Magic d’ Orient


There’s always a reason for me to visit Beirut, I decided to make a last minute stop to my home country to spend some time with family and loved ones. This city overwhelms me with memories of my childhood, I remember all the carefree time I used to spend with my friends as well as the first hardships that made me the person I am today.

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Walking Beirut


I decided to take a walk downtown and act as your personal tour guide through the streets of Beirut. Historically Beirut’s architecture has been greatly influenced by a multitude of civilizations from the Greek and Romans to the Ottomans and Arabs. In our modern era, Beirut has been showered with luxury and modern architectural wonders.


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Paris Calling


Hello my loves! How have you been? I have been wanting to post for a while now but I was busy catching up with some business and social errands. Today, I decided to steal some time for myself to unwind and to take some pictures so that I can show you around Paris. I always come back to Jardin de Tuileries when in Paris. The endless gardens behind the Louvre are ideal to spend a carefree afternoon.

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A Utopian Style Guide


Fashion is a great way to uplift your mood and to strengthen your morale. Recently, I realized that the world is getting even more harsh and critical and we need to respond in an optimistic way. Sometimes you need to be invulnerable and showcase that hate cannot get under your skin. Reinforce yourself with positive thoughts and engage in what you love, choose how you want to present yourself and express your creativity.

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