London calling

            London, United Kingdom

Writers have been insatiably lusting after it for centuries pouring their precious ink to shape words and craft sonnets about it and urbane artists inspired and exhilarated by its cosmopolitan vibe elevated its grandeur with their unique works of art. London, famous by the nickname the square mile, the city of diverse cultures and languages is a truly cosmopolitan place exuding sophistication.

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            Limassol, Cyprus

Home is what feels like home and home is where love is found. Home is where your heart is; pieces of it scattered along the pulsating veins of the globe shared with people you stumble upon on your perpetual journey.

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            Budapest, Hungary

“Happy girls are the prettiest” uber stylish Audrey Hepburn’s famous words came to mind while watching her iconic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, drinking tea and lusting after lavish diamonds in my hotel room in Budapest. That wasn’t the only reason why those words popped into my head.  Father quoted her the day he bought me the dress I had on.

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