Falling into Fall


At the end of long summer holidays I am returning back to normal with my batteries recharged and full of optimism

Lingering in summer mood

            Limassol, Cyprus

Winter is coming after all and it’s going to be a long one with lots of new exciting pieces and styles to explore, but for now I am reveling in walking in sunshine!

Walking contradiction

            Limassol, Cyprus

Being a child I loved drawing outside the lines – it gave me the freedom of expressing myself in my own terms. Growing up nothing really changed much since my early years. I never miss a chance of mixing different pieces like romantic dresses and metallic statement jackets and sandals.

Inspo 101

            Hong Kong

Books, films, documentaries, trips, new people constitute encrypted sources of invaluable knowledge for me

Bursting at the seams

            Hong Kong

Beauty is hidden in the small things that go unnoticed; just like the smell of spring that can be mesmerising, intensely strong and capturing. We tend to take things for granted and forget to stop and notice the beauty hidden in this world. Just like Alice in Wonderland, do not hesitate to fall into the rabbit hole to discover and unravel new mysteries for you.